We specialize in design and construction of extrusion tools.

The process of designing and manufacturing an extrusion tool conducted and supervised by the R&D Department is subject to compliance with the procedure under the integrated quality and environmental management system ISO9001 / ISO14001 implemented at the company.

The design and construction of a tool is closely related to the parallel developing technology of product manufacturing (material, machine, process).

At every stage of the project, from the client’s inquiry to the approval of the finished tool, verified records are kept, allowing for the tracking of the work being carried out.

Quality - Th-tools
Machines and equipment for the construction of tools - Th-tools

System supervision over working drawings of individual elements and their assemblies allows for full control of compliance with assumptions and introduced corrections. The parameters of the machines used for testing at all stages are analysed on an ongoing basis and constitute the basis for the first production. R&D creates technical and technological documentation of the tool, containing a detailed description of its components and parameters of use.

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